Clay Brizendine

Trainer. Author. Simplify to Amplify.

Brizendine holds a number of roles in the health and wellness space as Founder and Director of Total Health Organization, former Executive Director and current Board member of the non-profit go Vibrant, and as a professional and personal trainer.  With almost a decade of experience training groups on how to be and remain healthy, Simplify to Amplify has become Brizendine's cornerstone training program.  His 'Shoebox Letters' book has been sold around the world, with Mark Victor Hansen asking readers to "Treat yourself to having your heart lovingly uplifted, melted, touched, and thoroughly warmed by reading, re-reading, and sharing this great book out loud with someone you love..."  He's spoken at everything from keynote events to 10 person trainings.

Brizendine has spent 15+ years in the sales and marketing world as well, most notably at Procter & Gamble and Catalina Marketing in various roles.  Originally from the Louisville, KY area and a graduate of Purdue University, he currently resides in Cincinnati, OH with his wife and three daughters.